In Voghera the celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of the first Chessboxing World Championship.

Yesterday, 14th November 2023, in Voghera, place where the legal site of FISP, the Italian ChessBoxing Federation, is located, there has been a celebratory lunch to celebrate the third twentieth anniversary chessboxing this year: it is 20 years since when, Luis ‘The Lawyer’ Veenstra and Iepe “The Joker” Rubingh fought in the first ever chessboxing world championship. As the Italian ChessBoxing Federation President, Volfango Rizzi, declared a few days ago, on this date chessboxing will officially leave the pioneering era and enter the first fase of adult age.

To celebrate this happening FISP, in the morning of the day has given infos to two different journalists to do works on chessboxing; at lunch time they gathered in Piazza Duomo (the central Piazza) in Voghera for a meal together and, in the evening, five new videos were released on our YouTube channel: The recently finished WCBO Chessboxing Championships held in Riccione, Italy, will mark a new minimum standards for such championships and never before these championships, now arrived to its 5th edition, have gathered so much interest from the press and media around the globe.

Present at the lunch were: Claudio Micalizio, Editorial Director of SPQeR, Paolo Armani, Art Director, Volfango Rizzi, President of FISP and Provincial Delegate FSI, Sara Marchesi, Event Manager at Riccione 2023, and Lara Bressani, Council Member of Godiasco and Salice Terme Municipality. It has been also a moment to plan the future development for both SPQeR and future ICS (International Chessboxing Show) events in Lombardy in 2024.

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