Indigo Sports Tech is the sponsor of 5th Chessboxing World Championships.

Indigo Sports Tech is the sponsor of 5th WCBO Chessboxing World Championships in the year when chessboxing celebrates its 20th birthday.

Founded in 2019 Indigo Sports Tech pioneered Sports Tech VC in Europe.

The fund has investments in all key segments of Sports Tech from smart wearable devices to digital media, fan engagement and video editing. Indigo Sports Tech made 14 investments and successfully exited 3 of them already.

Indigo focuses on seed, pre-A and A rounds of predominantly European high growth sports tech companies.
There is also some exposure to the US and Israel. Indigo has recently expanded the team globally and is now present in four countries.
Indigo SportsTech and its founder Petr Zhukov invested in chessboxing back in 2013 and supported the sport, and its late creator Iepe Rubingh, ever since.

Petr is an honorary board member of WCBO and a vice-president of the organisation.

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