London Chessboxing goes Pay Per View.

Tomorrow in London we shall have the first ever Chessboxing pay per view event. Denominated Clash of Kings and organised by London Chessboxing in conjuction with Protocol Sports Marketing, the event will be available to chessboxing fans all over the world.  It will start at 18.00 (19.00 ECT) and will be available via internet streaming PPV for the price of £6.99 or even less if you have a discount code.

There are four fights scheduled, one with a national title at stake:


Daniel “The Tax Man” Mayfield vs Richard “Razor” Frazer


Matt “Crazy Arms” Read vs Shayan “Shah” Zarein Dolab

Gearoid “Sex Appeal” Veale vs Jon “The Brick” Wood

Gerard “Ripper” Reilly vs Brian “No Slack” Mak

As LCB writes: “Typically organized in front of legions of hardcore fans in the UK, London Chessboxing events are exciting, entertaining and explosive. Unfortunately, with Covid-19 social distancing in place, chessboxing fans cannot attend this 36th event being produced by London Chessboxing. And so, the decision was made to offer an historic first-ever worldwide PPV to chessboxing and sports fans worldwide.”Clash of Kings

Watch the event clicking here!

Italian version:

Per la prima volta lo scacchipugilato sarà trasmesso in pay per view in streaming. L’evento intitolato Clash of Kings e organizzato dal London Chessboxing assieme a Protocol Sports Marketing. Ci sono quattro combattimenti in programma con uno valido per il titolo britannico dei pesi massimi-leggeri.

Per vedere l’evento clicca qui!

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