2nd October: a great night of chessboxing in Helsinki.

On 2nd October a great chessboxing event will be held in Helsinki. This will be the first ever chessboxing event held in Finland or even in any one of the Nordic countries. The event will take place in Paasitorni Congress Hall with doors opening at 18 and the first fight, of four scheduled, happening at 19.00.
The main organiser, Tero Weckroth, has worked hard, and for a long time, to stage a great event. If tikets to enter the event are all  sold out, you can still buy tickets to watch it online and you can choose to purchase it with comments in Finnish or in English: 

In the main event two Finnish chessboxers will face each other: WCBO World Champion Sakari ’Sakkematti’ Lähderinned will be challenged by chessboxer and MMA fighter Tuukka Repo. In the other fights we shall see a Finnish chessboxer facing either a Russian or, in one case, a Dutch, they are all fighters with international experience.


Main Fight:Nordic Chessboxing

Sakari ’Sakkematti’ Lähderinned vs Tuukka Repo (middle weight)

Under Card:

Lars ’Lazarus’ Björknäs vs Dimitry Petchurin (heavy weight)
Alexander Vassu vs Daniil Solovyov (light middle weight)

Otto ’Bisse’ Viherä vs Maarten Kamerling (light-heavy weight)



The mayor of Helsinki Juhana Vartiainen will be the chess commentator at this event. Vartiainen is a keen chess player and chair of the Finnish parliamentary chess club. One of his quotes: “it is always great when Helsinki can host pioneering international events!” shows how much enthusiasm there is in Finland for this event.
To provide the English commentary for the online-streaming there will be the american chessboxer Matt Thomas who had his first experience of commenting chessboxing live on streaming at the 2019 WCBO Chessboxing World Championships.


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