Chessboxing: the return of the World Championships after three years.

After two calendar years with no WCBO Chessboxing World Championships – which got cancelled because of Covid – from 12th to 17th November 2022 in Antalya, Turkey, the chessboxers from around the world, together with their trainers and managers, will be finally able to compete again for the world titles.

Organised by the Turkish Chessboxing Federation and its president Köksal Arikan, under the supervision of the World Chess Boxing Organisation and its president Montu Das, the championships will see tournaments and titles in several categories: senior, veterans, three junior categories both for male and female athletes. Although the history of chessboxing world championships goes right back to the first year of the invention of the sport, 2003, these championships in tournament format were a more contemporary addition to the chessboxing world: the first one took place in Kolkata, India, in 2017. This will therefore be the 4th edition of the Championships, the second held in Turkey after the first two were held in India.

In 2020 and 2021 there were no world championships and all efforts taken to organise them ended up in an impossibility due to government restrictions in the countries that tried to organise them.

After the covid period not all fourteen countries, that were present at the last edition, are geared up for being present this time round but the WCBO Championships will host some now countries; a sign that this new sport of XXI century is still developing around the globe, with new clubs and national federations propping up in new continents and countries. The event will be held at the Bosphorus Sorgun Hotel.

Last time round, in December 2019, the standing for nations was topped by France, in second place came India and third was Turkey. One could use these championships also to verify if any shift has happened in the chessboxing world during almost three years without championships.

The appointment will also be important because the General Meeting of the WCBO will be held. This is the first one since the premature departure of Iepe Rubingh, the inventor of chessboxing and the person who was holding the presidency of the WCBO.


Fotoreportage 2019 World Championships: Fotoreportage dei Campionati Mondiali di Chessboxing.

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